The Mission of One Flag in Space

One Flag in Space (OFiS) is a non-profit organization with a vision for one flag in space representing all of us; all people, all of Earth’s life, all of our world.

This same flag is also often seen on Earth Day!

Our mission is to promote the use of the “Blue Marble” as a symbol of world unity in space exploration. It is a symbol that anyone, anywhere in the world can relate to, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin or religious beliefs, yet does not require political collaboration between space-faring nations.

Astronauts/cosmonauts, national space-agencies, or private companies venturing in crewed or uncrewed vehicles in and beyond low Earth orbit, are acting as ambassadors of planet Earth. The Blue Marble, the first complete picture of Earth taken from space by humans in 1972, fits this universally appealing symbol. Placed on the shoulder pads of astronauts/cosmonauts, or prominently displayed on space-bound hardware, it would advocate the universal message: space exploration is facilitated for the benefit of humanity as a whole, not just space-faring nations.

We believe that one day, at least in space, our planet will be working together for the benefit of everyone.